Drug Testing



For all patients:


Our urine testing policy matches the guidelines at the state and national level in both the pain and addiction areas of my practice.



  • We will no longer sign Medical Marijuana permit applications for any patient who receives another prescription from AlphaTreatmentCenter. This is frowned on by the Oregon State Board of Medical Examiners, and although it is legal for me to do, I will not be doing it anymore. For those patients who only see me for this, I will continue to sign the forms. All others will need to go another location to get their permits signed.


  • Urine testing: This has been hit or miss in the past, but not anymore. All patients will be subjected to random testing, but now you will all be tested AT LEAST every 3 months. More testing may be indicated. For patients paying this will add a minimum of $10 to their visit costs at least every three months, and maybe every month depending on the frequency of testing in your particular case. This is a new national standard of care.  We may need outside confimation if your office urine screen does not show what we expect. We realize this may be a financial hardship. Due to the high cost of handling and materials, we can no longer offer this service for free. For those that feel this is too much of a hardship, again, please feel free to find another physician who does handle your insurance to transfer your care to.


  • Testing will go down to zero parts per billion. If you are  found with any illegal drugs (or for buprenorphine patients dangerous drugs like benzodiazepines), we will plan to taper you off of your opiates and will work with you to find alternate care. At this point in our clinics life, there will be absolutely zero tolerance for messing around with the medications you are prescribed. The outside scrutiny, both from the legal side and from the medical side, is leaving little room for us to operate in. Again, for those that cannot tolerate this close of scrutiny, I suggest you find care elsewhere because we will be VERY firm with folks once this system is in place.