Medication Emergencies

So let me start this missive by letting you all know I actually have the patient’s best interest in mind. Often over the years in our clinic I would get telephone calls (or yesterday an email) telling me the patient needs extra meds to get through because of some emergency/trip/surprise/road closure etc. Believe it or not I have already taken care of these problems but as patients most of your are simply too involved in your pain to realize it.

Every month every patient gets 30 days worth of medicine. I see the patients every 28 days to manage the appointments better. Thus every month the patient gets 2 days of extra medicine. Over 12 months (one year) this should add up to 24 extra days of medicine. Almost enough to skip one visit, travel to Mexico or have a weather emergency. This is smooth planning on my part right? Seems like I thought this through for my patient’s safety right? Patients who get seen every 2 months get 60 days worth of medicine, and are seen every 56 days. I designed a pretty smart system right?

But every month, most of the patients have overtaken their medicine and have none left. Then when they have an emergency it is all of a sudden my responsibility to fix the problem? Many of you have gotten the question, “but where did all of your medicine go”?

Creating an emergency due to poor planning on your part does not make it an emergency for me. In reality I have little sympathy for those of you who mis-manage your medicine. And as time goes by I an less and less inclined to help anyone out who has taken all their meds, then had an emergency. So take your meds as appropriate and you get a free vacation from visits every year or some support in an emergency. Overtake your medicine, and gee whiz, please understand when I have no sympathy for your self created problem.


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